We're pretty new. We haven't taken on a lot of questions. Strangely, our credit card processor told us that we needed to have one of these pages, so here it is. That being said, here are some questions we could imagine you might ask.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Currently, we collect sales tax on orders shipping within the state of California. There is a lot going on with tax laws and Maritime Custom Tackle is staying in tune with changes as they occur.

Do you match prices?

For the most part, we offer unique one-off products that would be difficult to match up directly with a competitor. That being said, if there are products that are exactly the same or similar where it would make sense to do so, we'd be glad to price match.

I can save my credit cards on your website. Isn't that illegal?

We do everything by the book, in accordance with strict PCI standards. We don't store your credit cards, our payment processor, Braintree Payments (part of PayPal) does. All card information is tokenized and we never actually see your credit card numbers. If any retailers tell you they process your credit cards 'offline' it means they're printing out your credit card information, including CVV code, which is highly illegal. Back in 2002 it was okay but times have changed.

Maritime is a lame name. Why did you pick that one?

Well, we went through about 100,000 different terms and settled on that one. It wasn't easy. We liken the heritage of lure making to that of term Maritime itself. All the other good ones were taken or generic.

Can Maritime offer my products on their website?

We make no promises but would be glad to entertain the idea. We are always looking for partnership opportunities.

Are you a distributor of the lures you offer on your website?

Several other retailers say they're distributors of lures. In most cases, that's factually incorrect. To be a distributor would mean that they're selling to other retailers and then in turn, those retailers are selling to consumers. If these folks don't know retail, be concerned that they don't understand what to do with your credit card or personal information!

Do you make your own lures?

Nope. Tried back in the day for the fun of it. We give the lure crafters all the credit for what they do; it's not easy work!

Why don't you sell rods, reels, etc.?

We never say never but that's just not part of our immediate plan. We can help with such purchases through our retail partners. Eventually, maybe.

Do you have aspirations to sell fishing clothes?

Nope. Not unless it furthers the Maritime brand. We have no desire to become a clothing retailer. With all due respect to other retailers, that's not our thing.

Do you have a retail showroom?

Retail is dead, didn't you hear? While we are an online retailer, we actually have an office and warehouse in Orange County, California. If a customer really, really wants to visit us, we can arrange a visit. We don't have fancy retail displays or anything but all our product is here.

Need help? We're available at(714) 553-2546 - Email us or viacontact us page
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