Eye Candy Lures

Eye Candy is a small lure manufacturer in Huntington Beach, California.  Jack and Wade Cunningham have endeavored to provide a high-quality production lure for the fisherman in chase of that prized catch. They grew up fishing the Pacific coast with their father.  Wade has spent his entire adult life in the fishing tackle industry. He possesses a vast technical knowledge of rod blank and finished fishing rod expertise; however, he also has extensive experience in lure and polyvinyl skirt making from his time with Sevenstrand and Cousins Tackle.  Jack comes from a manufacturing and aerospace background.  Together they produce a small number of highly sought after handcrafted Marlin and Tuna lures.


Eye Candy lures feature a unique line pull angle rather than traditional straight through line pull designs. Aside from the desired, occasional surface pop; the offset induces a downward effect, keeping these relatively light lures active in the water. The colorful top skirts are hand tied, while the coordinating bottom skirts are securely adhered to the beautifully finished polyester resin heads.


Eye Candy currently offers two models; available in an array of standard production colors.


The EC-15-SW Swimmer is a 10 ½” 3.8 oz. very active concave scoop model. It is best suited for a medium rigger bait; however, it can be very effective when pulled long on the stinger.


The EC20-P Pusher model is a flat front 11” 4.5 oz. all-purpose lure. While generally straight swimming, the lure still exhibits moderate action. The pusher will work equally well long or short, or as a rigger bait in your trolling pattern.

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