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Maritime Custom Tackle born out of a love for big game fishing and a sincere appreciation for those that produce handmade trolling lures. The business officially launched May 2019 with a goal to provide anglers with a differentiated buying experience based on the premise of providing unique products, combined with unmatched customization options and excellent customer service. Our goal is to treat every customer as if they were our only customer.

Our collective team has vast experience in the big game fishing tackle industry and look to leverage that knowledge and passion to assist anglers around the world. We know what we are selling and how to rig it properly. We skirt and rig all our own lures in-house (with the exception of a few we purchased when launching the business), which gives us greater control over the end product and results in quicker ship times and products that can be customized to your specifications. The success of our customers is of utmost importance.

Product Selection and Availability

As you navigate our website, know that all products that are orderable, are in stock right now. We are firmly committed to the products we sell. We believe this strategy will create better relationships with our customers and suppliers. When anglers purchase online, they eagerly anticipate shipment and delivery and nothing is more deflating than an unexpected wait. Our systems update in real time and will not let products be oversold. In this day and age of Amazon, anglers have come to expect that what they order will be sent to them within a reasonable amount of time.

We don't offer products across a large range of categories. This is completely by design. While we offer products that compliment each other, we purposely avoided going wide. That being said, if you are looking for other products that we don't offer (rods/reels, etc.), we will gladly assist in this process with some of our local retail partners.

Vendor Relationships

We value those we do business with and genuinely respect their work. We work very collaboratively with our vendor partners. While we may specify what products we want, we cannot and will not try to dictate how they run their business. While other retailers may try to tell vendors who they can and cannot sell to, we refuse to engage in such behavior as every vendor should be able to conduct business as they see fit.

We do business with select companies and people found on this website because we have personal relationships that have been built over time. We are fortunate to have many partners that are excited about what we are trying to do and we look forward to growing our business with them.

Need help? We're available at(714) 553-2546 - Email us or viacontact us page
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